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Testimonials from readers

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"Forgiveness is a foreign concept to me. I'm a master of holding a grudge and I have a memory an elephant would admire when it comes to wrongs - both real and perceived. I've been told I should 'let it go.' 'Get over it.' 'Move on.' 'Forgive yourself.' I don't get it. I wanna get it. I bought this book to help me understand and liked it very much. I'll have to read it again, because I forget to forgive. Forgiveness is a state of being and a condition. I'm a work in progress."

By Derithon 

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RiVIERA CRÉATION | Roger Baumann

"I have really enjoyed reading this account of an encounter with this Toltec master! I am a huge Don Miguel Ruiz fan and have all of his books, but I cannot get enough of the Toltec energy, so I went online to search out more sources, and of course the first links were AMazon!!! I chose this and several others and I think other than Don Miguel this is my favorite! Well written and very authentic, Oliver does not claim to be any kind of a Toltec master he is just a guy like you or me and that is what I think makes ti so real and fascinating to read…"

By Mamaof5 

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Écrits hébreux

"Found several little pearls in this book, making it worthwhile, five stars is reserved for original Toltec teachings by don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements and Mastery of Love. The beauty of most Toltec teachings is the simplicity of the words. Domestication, and all our personal agreements make it seem so complicated. This book's focus, is for everyone, lack forgiveness of ourselves and of others only limits the person not doing the forgiving, limiting freedom and possibilities."

By Carolyn 

"It's a small but powerful book, I had issues with forgiveness and when I asked other people about it I just got conflicting information. It answered by questions and made it easier for me to let go of the past and understand my participation in the events that occurred. It freed me up, just amazing what a simple exercise can do I would recommend it to any one who has held on to pain and anger just a compassionate way to deal with it."

By Erica Davenport December 9, 2011

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