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To mark the 20th anniversary of my meeting with don Miguel in Teotihuacan, Mexico (1999-2019), which later resulted in the book that I wrote, the workshop I created, and the development of Circles of Forgiveness worldwide, don Miguel kindly recorded this short and moving video message.

A short presentation of the Gift of Forgiveness (2010)

With English, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles.

Click on the subtitles icon to choose the language.

Importance of forgiving. How to forgive? Why?

An interview with Lilou Macé, part 1.

Take things personally & Make lots of assumptions !!!!!!!

An interview with Lilou Macé, part 2.

Heal your heart with Circles of Forgiveness

Click on the subtitles icon to choose the language.


The Soul Diaries.jpg

Fired, sacred fire

Interview with Jenn Scott. This episode explores the profound and often elusive subject of true forgiveness. Jenn shares her in-depth conversation with worldwide forgiveness expert Olivier Clerc.

The interview starts at 15 min.

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